Choice Products: Goma Suki (Black Sesame Rice Crakers)

GomaI am a devoted customer and I have had the longest relationship with no other than my hairstylist. I have been going to the same hairstylist since I was 7 for over 2 decades. He has a really nice hair studio and it’s like a mini spa for me every time ago. He has two jars of goodies which I like to nosh on while I get my hair cut. There’s always a blend of Japanese goodies and healthy granola bars of sorts. Yesterday, I found a mini personal sesame seed cracker bag and shared it with hubby. It was so yummy and I mentioned how yummy it was to my hairstylist, he gave me another bag to eat (yay)! So on the way home, we found the sesame seed rice cracker bag and dad bought us some. My husband says, “it’s a yummy rice cracker with a perfect blend of sesame seeds and it’s guilty free eating.” (His tongue is changing to Japanese taste buds).



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