Choice Eats: Pure Fare

photo 2(5)Raw veggies. om nom nom nom nom. Without a fridge and being in transition (no kitchen), it was hard to find fresh veggies, all cut up and ready to eat. Pure Fare, is another place I happened to pass by with my husband and the store intrigued me. It’s got this open space with a smoothie bar on one end and sweets on another. In between along the walls, they have fridges with fresh salads and sandwiches prepared that day with a top shelf of 1/2 day old sandwiches on sale. There’s also a communal table to nosh on your just bought goodness. We had the daikon noodle salad (daikon, julienned carrots, red bell peppers, cilantro) with scallion red pepper cashew sauce (cashews, olive oil, roasted peppers, gluten-free soy sauce, cilantro, scallions and water) and roast turkey pesto sandwich (roasted turkey, fresh tomato, greens, red onions) with pesto (basil, scallions, garlic, raw almonds, miso paste) on gluten free bread. It was fresh, yummy and quite filling! The cashew sauce for the daikon noodle salad made you keep dipping your fork in to try it, because it tastes so unique. Next time, I want to try their smoothies.


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