Choice Eats: Miles Table

photo 1(3)Having no kitchen for three weeks led us out to explore some of what type of dining Philly offers. We found this place Miles Table right next to Magpie one day and decided to try it out. The store is simple, clean, and it’s slogan is: “where the neighborhood eats”. You walk up to the counter and order, seat yourself and the staff bring the food over to you. Every time we’ve been there so far, the staff has been great, friendly and personable.

Sausage and fennel pizza and their pasta special.

I can see how it can easily be a neighborhood fave. If you’re curious who Miles is, he’s the kid in the photo near the front door and I think the photo of the little girl on the wall is Molly. (I’m pretty sure it starts with an M…) It seems like a new place as the first blog they have on their website is dated 2/13/13. Even though it’s bit of a walk for us to consider it our neighborhood, it’s definitely one of two places we now consider a place to eat out.

Miles burger and chicken ciabatta.

We’re quite picky home cooks because at most restaurants, we feel icky afterward eating it or we look at each other and say, “we could make it better and it’d be cheaper”. So, it’s with great joy that we found a place we can eat if and when we’re too tired to cook once we get our own kitchen back up and running. I have to say, it won me over with the cute flowers, the purple chair by the window, and the table number. It’s hard to find a place my hubby enjoys, so I’m glad he likes it. (FYI: you can use a credit card, but remember to have some cash on you so you can tip the friendly wait staff. We don’t carry around cash so it’s good to remember when we’re headed towards South Street).


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