Choice Eats: honeygrow

honeygrowThere’s a place close to my work place that my husband and I used to pass on the way to work. I always wondered what type of place this “honeygrow” was. With my mind doing free association in the early AM, I’d think every morning that it was some sort of fruit place because all I could think of was honey dew melons. One day at our weekly meeting, my colleagues and I started talking about yummy food and she happened to mentioned honeygrow. Of course, I became all ears. What is this place that I’ve been passing all this time? Honest eating + growing local = Honeygrow. It was one of those recommended places by my colleagues that I decided to go with my hubby for a quick to-go dinner. Being quite the indecisive adults we are, we probably stood at the ordering touch screen for quite some time trying to figure out what to order. So many choices! They have a very interesting offering of salad, stir fry and smoothies. Who would have thought to put those together? We decided to try one stir fry and one personalized salad. We watched the workers side by side stir-frying away in the woks as someone on the other end made salad. The ingredients in both were fresh and I’ve actually gone back to order a salad because I haven’t found another place who has fresh ingredients in their salad where I can be as picky as I want to be and still be incredibly full but feel great about my body. I always get the fresh lemon in place of dressing because I’ve just never been a salad dressing type of gal. And pardon the utensils stuck up like that in the salad. We were so hungry ready to dig in when I thought *gasp* must take a photo before we eat. Thanks hubby for pausing and letting me take a photo.


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