Choice Eats: Hip City Veg

photo 3(3)Another place we tried during our time away from the kitchen was HipCityVeg. We had it twice in one week we liked it so much. The first time, we didn’t know what to order so we asked one of the workers. She suggested the Crispy HipCity Ranch saying it was their take on the Chick-Fil-A sandwich. I have to say, I liked the Crispy HipCity Ranch tons better. It was soooo yummy. Super crispy “chicken” with great ranch sauce. Since you can’t have a sandwich like that without fries, we ordered the sweet potato fries with cilantro black bean dip. I have to say, sharing the one sandwich and the fries with my hubby was quite filling. The second time around, we had the fajita wrap with the jerk caesar salad. YUM!! I had been craving me some good plantains and the jerk caesar salad had some yummy crispy ones that I convinced my hubby to save until the end so we could enjoy them like chips. So good. Again, sharing those two items (well…I think I hogged the salad…) made us quite full. The helpings are very generous, the taste is great and they have ice cold water with oranges while you wait on line. The food comes in cute paper with recycling signs on it, they compost, they delivery on bicycles. What’s not to like? I definitely felt hip eating it. Oh and did we tell you? It’s also 100% plant based which means it’s VEGAN! Fast food vegan at its best. Even you meat lovers out there would be fooled! (Hubby didn’t know!)


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