Choice Eats: Day by Day

photo 2(4)In the previous post, I mentioned that there were two places we will now frequent. Day by Day is one of the two. Passing by it one day, I saw this glow from its kitchen on Monday night and intrigued me. The next day my husband and I went to try it and it was packed! We didn’t wait but there weren’t many seats available. The service is quick, the food is yummy and when you walk up to the front register to pay at the end, there’s all these enticing goodies in their glass case. I like their butter cookies and the chocolate one has this hint of kick which makes it irresistible. They have these great 50 cent goody bags which have lemon pie bits and cookie bits which, in our opinion, is a pretty good buy. Being a New Yorker for 7 years, I was used to going to delis and getting my fave wrap made especially for me with turkey, avocado, bacon and chipotle mayo. Since moving out of NYC, it’s been hard to find that combo anywhere. Until now! I was elated to find that they had “my sandwich” that I think I’ve gotten it three times now in the past week and a half. My husband’s tried the Italian panini special, the roasted turkey club and the fettuccine bolognese with ricotta and shaved parmesan. The pasta was yummy and rich my husband said it was like a deconstructed lasagna. Definitely a place you need to try when you’re in Philly but beware, they’re not open on Mondays.


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