Choice Eats: Green Eggs Cafe

photo 3(9)I have always enjoyed yummy breakfasts. Since my visit to Fred’s in Sausalito, I have been craving (for YEARS) their french toast. I tried several places in NYC but nothing comes close to it. However, I think I’ve found, a new spot that happens to be a lot closer to Cali. I’ve passed this place before, but never had the opportunity to walk in. My wonderful husband decided to take me on a breakfast date this week. Best breakfast date ever! Not only because the company was great but the food was yummy. Service was great, the place was nice and sunny. My husband and I decided to order one savory and one sweet dish to share. photo 2(11)We ordered the three egg omelet (sausage and spinach) with rosemary home fries and the crème brulee french toast. Yea…you read it right. Dessert for breakfast. YUMMM! Best french toast I’ve had in awhile. Not overly sweet, just right. Sam I Am, I’d never eat Green Eggs and Ham but I will eat some crème brulee french toast. I will definitely eat them here and there. I will eat them anywhere. Next to try will be the red velvet french toast. I can’t speak to the quality of the other two locations they have but if you’re visiting Philly, Midtown Village Green Eggs Cafe is a breakfast must. (Don’t forget to bring cash because it’s cash only!)

Update 4/13/13: Couldn’t stay away from this place and ordered their special. Raspberry, banana and white chocolate french toast. YUM! photo(5)



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