Choice Product: Kirin Ramen

Kirin RamenThis is one of the BEST instant ramen out there. Kirin Ramen! It’s rare to find in the US, but if you’re near a Mitsuwa grocery store, they sell it there. It’s 100% made in Japan. They have Regular (orange packaging), Miso (brown packaging) and also Shiyo or Salt (not shown here but is in blue packaging). The original flavor has been around since the beginning and just last year, they started selling miso.

This company, 小笠原製粉株式会社 (Ogasawaraseifun) also makes flour and noodles. This ramen has a very unique story behind it. They started in 1947 and was incredibly well know throughout 愛知県 the Aichi Prefecture (prefecture is like a state in the US) but was not nationwide. Around 1996, they ceased production for a time but many customers requested the ramen to be sold again. Seven years later, they decided to sell it 限定 which basically means that they sold it for a limited time. Customers began asking them to sell it again because either they were unable to buy it at that time or desired more. With many customers continuously asking the company to sell it again, in 2010 the company started to sell the ramen nationwide. In order to produce great instant ramen, they began producing their own noodles by mixing flour, soy milk and rice flour. The texture of this ramen is amazing for instant noodles. It doesn’t taste so dry and instant. As my dad says, “it’s got a good taste”. It’s not oily or heavy, but really light and flavorful. Customers who usually can’t eat ramen because of it’s oiliness said this is the only ramen they can and will eat! Usually one would never think to feed instant ramen noodles to children but some consumers have even mentioned that this ramen is so good and light that they would even give it to their children. It’s true. It doesn’t leave you feeling guilty and gross but satisfied and desiring more.

The reason it’s called a Kirin Ramen is because a kirin (giraffe)’s neck is long and is considered to be a friendly animal from birth to maturity. The company desired their product to be liked by many for many long years so they thought the giraffe would be perfect for it’s name. Cute! The wording below the ramen is that it’s a 家庭ラーメン (at home ramen). Ramen noodles were eaten out at what we call 屋台 (think food truck with seating). They wanted to focus on the fact that you can eat this ramen at home as you would yummy ramen from a food truck.

Aside from the yumminess of the noodles, I really like their packaging. It has a retro old school look, cute with a bow on the giraffe, the tie to it is great! It’s so much better than twist tie!

Rather than a twist tie, this is the tie!

Rather than a twist tie, this is the tie!

You pull the plastic bag through the loop and fold it over.

You pull the plastic bag through the loop and fold the plastic over.

Place the red cap over it and tighten!

Place the red cap over it and tighten!


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