Choice Product: Mom’s Best Cereal

We love finding wonderful deals that are yummy. We were back at my parents’ place helping my mom grocery shop for a few items. As my husband rolled around the trolley (the shopping cart) following my mother, I veered off to explore the organic section. There I began price checking (an art I learned from my husband) and found a box of cereal HALF THE PRICE of the other cereals. I picked it up and checked out the ingredients (another thing I learned from my husband) and saw that there were no artificial sweeteners or color added into it. I scurried around like a five year old looking for mom (in this case it was find mom, find husband) to share my excitement of discovering something new! I quickly brought him over to the magical cereal aisle and with shared excitement, we selected two cereal boxes. Even though it would take up most of our luggage space we decided we’d buy them and carry them all the way back to our place.  *On a side note. We live in a different state than my parents and we take two buses for a total of 3 – 4 hours to visit them. We try not to bring much with us when we travel because somehow we always end up bringing back several bags of groceries with us.

Upon coming back to the apartment, we opened the cereal and to our surprise, it was so yummy! It’s wallet friendly, tasty and environmentally conscious. We quickly finished one box and I searched on their website to see if there were any grocers that carried it near our apartment. The closest one was a 40 minute walk from our apartment. And yes, we did walk there to buy two more boxes of cereal. I don’t think we’d do that ever again because it’s just too far (and it’s so cold now!) but a wonderful find nonetheless and I highly recommend it.

We bought the cereal at prices that range from $2.45 – $2.55 depending upon the grocery store. It’s called Mom’s Best Cereals.

Sweetened Wheat-Fuls
I usually don’t like sweet cereals. I think it’s due to not being allowed any sugary cereal growing up. We grew up on Kix and Cheerios and only on holiday trips were we allowed to buy those 12 pack sugary cereals as a treat. This cereal was just the right balance of sweet and wheaty. I like it A LOT better than other cereal brands.

Raisin Bran (22 oz. / 1 lb. 6 oz / 623 g)
This one was my husband’s favorite out of the four. I have to be honest and say that I usually dislike raisin bran in general. However, this was so yummy I think I ended up eating more than my husband! The flakes are moist and not dry, the raisins are sugar coated and plump. I ended up eating it for three meals one of the days because it was just so yummy! (Actually this cereal inspired me to want to make some cinnamon raisin bread and I don’t really like raisins!)

Toasted Wheat-Fuls (16.5 oz / 1 lb. 0.5 oz / 467 g)
This has a good crunch to it. It was super cold one morning so I heated up milk and poured it on the cereal. My husband preferred cold milk to warm – oops.

Blue Pom Wheat-Fuls (15.5 oz / 439 g)
It smells like blueberry muffins when you open the bag. I tend to like mixing sweet and not sweet so I mixed Blue Pom and Toasted Wheat-Fuls together. My husband reckons that this cereal is unique and it’s quite yummy. It’s Blue Pom because it’s blueberry and pomegranate!! Nothing can beat that!

Check out their website for more information on renewable energy and the positive feedback they’ve received! We’ll probably buy different boxes each time we go back to NJ so we’ll update you on our faves.


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