Welcome to Culinary Rhapsodies!

I always enjoyed baking. I remember growing up, having my own little apron, mixing bowls, cookie cutters and rolling pin. There’s even a photo of me at age three on a chair in front of the stove wearing a blue apron, mixing something in a pot. To me, the kitchen’s always been my ‘safe haven’. A place that’s warm and inviting. At family gatherings, a place where all people hung around catching up, sharing life and recipes. My brother (in faith) dead on when he commented that it must be my favorite place in the house because I seemed most comfortable in it.

When I was single, I prayed and asked God to bring me a tall, dark, handsome godly husband who enjoys cooking and baking. God is so faithful in answering prayers. He provided me with a wonderful husband (everything I prayed for!) who spends time with me in the kitchen. He doesn’t just help, he cooks, bakes and cleans! As we started our new life together, I noticed that we cook and bake a lot. I’m learning new recipes from him, he’s learning new recipes from me. That’s where this blog comes in. We’ve been posting a lot of food photos on instagram. We decided we didn’t want to stop there but also share kitchen, restaurant and grocery store adventures with everyone. Here you’ll find home recipes, shared recipes, favorite food items, restaurants we’ve been to, like and recommend. Welcome to Culinary Rhapsodies!

(Why the name? Because we’re musicians and we love food.)


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